What is HAP

The Homeless Action Partnership is a collaboration of the County and each city within Santa Cruz County, along with local homeless service providers. It acts as a the federally-designated continuum of care for Santa Cruz County and helps allocate State and federal funding to address homelessness. The County of Santa Cruz serves as lead agency for the HAP.

The HAP is a collaboration of the five jurisdictions in Santa Cruz County (the County and the Cities of Santa Cruz, Watsonville, Capitola and Scotts Valley) along with homeless housing and services providers. The HAP brings in about $2.3 million each year for housing subsidy and supportive services.

Hap Board of Directors

Current HAP Members

Nonprofit Homeless Services Providers

  • Families in Transition
  • Housing Matters
  • Pajaro Valley Shelter Services
  • Community Action Board/
    Shelter Project
  • Community Technology Alliance(HMIS Lead)

Victim Services Providers

  • Defensa de Mujeres

Faith-Based Organizations

  • Salvation Army Watsonville

(Staff Representatives)

  • City of Watsonville
  • City of Santa Cruz
  • City of Scotts Valley
  • City of Capitola
  • County of Santa Cruz
    Human Services Department
  • County of Santa Cruz
    Health Services Agency
  • County of Santa Cruz
    Planning Department


  • United Way of Santa Cruz County
  • California Rural Legal Assistance
  • Smart Solutions
  • 180/180 Santa Cruz
  • Public housing agencies
  • Housing Authority of the County of Santa Cruz

School Districts

  • County of Santa Cruz Office of Education, Homeless Program

Social Services Providers

  • Mountain Community Resource Center
  • County Santa Cruz Health Services Agency/HPHP
  • Santa Cruz AIDS Project

Mental Health Agencies

  • County of Santa Cruz
    Health Services Agency/
    Mental Health Division
  • Encompass Community Services
  • Central Coast Independent Living Center


  • Applied Survey Research

Affordable Housing Developers

  • Front Street Housing. Inc.
  • Adobe Services
  • Midpen Housing

Organizations That Serve Homeless Veterans

  • Veterans Administration
    PAHCS Monterey
  • Veteran Resource Centers

Homeless and Formerly
Homeless Persons

  • Linda Lemaster

2 at-Large

  • Paul O'Brien
  • Don Lane
Address: 701 Ocean St., Santa Cruz, CA 95060 |
| Phone: 123-456-7890